I buy my dreams at a bargain on weekends
but then I had to trade it in for a moment in time
you’ll never know what you’re missing, she said
I’ll give a lame excuse for not living it out

I buy my heart down the corner on weekends
only to find that it’s got defects all over
and they won’t give it a listen
at least it lasts the day and I get my money’s worth

when something pierces throughout
every town and countryside
all I can hear is you saying yeah

I drive my car down the street on weekends
but then I had to crash it because it’s moving too slow
I’ll never know what you’re thinking, she said
it ain’t no surprise for after all, we’re just strangers

then something catches fire
and all the fighters and all the starters
are awakened by the sound of you saying yeah.

(C) 東京デスモ 2001年9月 / (C) Tokyo Desmo Sep. 2001

2001年11月初演。アルバム「THE RED L.P.」(TKPR-008 全国流通 2003年10月)の1曲目に収録。また、ライブ音源はアルバム「Live at TURNING NISHIOGIKUBO, TOKYO – 2003/01/11」の2曲目。