Today I love you, tomorrow I won’t know you
it just happened to me, you’re just too happening for me
the nightlife scene surrounds her so serene
difference in personal tastes
put some good talent to waste

life that we’re in together
what would it take for me and you to make it last forever
but it’s too much to realize
lies that are woven together
how many feelings and conditions must we waiver
it’s just done for a living

romance aflame just like a house ablaze
some kicks and action she longed
took no time for it to go wrong
across these lands, the same old song and dance
now there’s no message to send
except for the throbbing low end

lights be the soul savior
come the morning and the darkness will still linger
even in the corner of those blushing streets
style, flaunt it with flavor
you got to have a reason for why your thoughts come in color
while your words come out like black and white TV
so drive your Maserati off the cliff right into the sea
and what will be will still be.

(C) 東京デスモ 2000年3月 / (C) Tokyo Desmo Mar. 2000

2000年5月初演。アルバム「SCENE」(TKPR-004 自主制作 2000年5月)の3曲目に収録。