I’m just a breaker for you love
watching the sun as it falls beyond the horizon line
and the night won’t fail to enclose us as we’re heavily drugged
it was a flicker, or was it a flash
of shortsightedness that caused endless night of regret
so what do you want, or care to fulfill your emptiness
blistered inside

yeah,the moon shines all along the coastal line
can you hear the music fade into a haze memory
dreams and illusions seem to pass without a sign
and I rise to the lights, see the sky
that’s sheltered inside your eyes.

(C) 東京デスモ 2000年10月 / (C) Tokyo Desmo Oct. 2000

2001年3月初演。アルバム「POLICE STORY E.P.」(TKPR-006 全国流通 2001年11月)の4曲目に収録。